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Since he was a teenager Charles Mazarakes has been making short films. He always loved making them but there was something very special about taking the footage into a quiet editing room and placing one shot against another. That's when magic happened. Most magical of all was bringing music into these films. Instantly he could see what powerful effect music had. Drawing on his early keyboard training he began composing. Suddenly a door flung open and wondrous, eclectic, powerful music stormed in.

Play to hear a sample of Charles Mazarakes' MIRACLES

This website is mostly about that music. On other pages youll find samples from new music &

from Mazarakes three albums including his latest Child of the West. If you have the time check

out a few pieces or if youre adventurous all of them. You could start right here the 3rd cut from Child of the West - the beautiful MIRACLES Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the music.

Click on the image below to play video featuring original music "THE DECIDERS"
by Charles Mazarakes.

For more videos click films and video.

All music on this site is copyright 2023 Charles Mazarakes

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