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Unreleased Music 2

Here are more samplings of more new music that I've composed that will find its way into a forthcoming album of mine.

Heres a little sonic preview of what it might be like.


A Small Request graphic V3.jpg

Some preview comments:

The Fence

Oh Jezz.

the beginning just captured me! Then the flute! I feel a grad migration, a march, an awakening of a land!. I REALLY like this! It is very inspired and very inspiring. Id love a copy to listen to at for inspiration...

Tim Wenzel


Toward a certain doom

This builds a wonderful sense of anticipation. It's like a slow march toward the inevitable, with lots of interest as the instrumental lines weave around each other and let the sense of what is to come unfold as tonal colours for the listener. The use of the occasional sprinkle of dissonance lets us know that all is not well in this march - maybe not everyone is quite looking forward to what is about to transpire. The ending and the way it quickly comes to silence reminds me of how quickly a life is lost in war - and there were many in this encounter.

This is nice mix too Charlie - clean and crisp with nice lateral placement of your orchestra around the soundstage.
Doug Summers

A Small Request

Epic in scope

and with its sweeping movements a very accomplished piece!

Michael Jayklein

Constructing Heaven

Really fabulous - deserving of much more attention. Serene and measured piece!

David Stanforth


I like the Americana feel and the little flute melody is very good. This has a "Shaker dance" aspect, and reminds me of Holst's 2nd suite with the Shaker dance in it. Cool!

Eduard Schwan

He Stands Alone


You have captured the inspiration of Goyas portrait perfectly! What a Stunning piece. The Continuous use of timpani gives this song a powerful expression of struggle and despair. Great Work!

Catalina Cort

Children of the Sun


This is the kind of music one would hear if they are one of the more fortunate ones that can see and feel the beauty all around them. Thanks for sharing this very fine work with us!

Michael Jayklein​

The Surge


Nice orchestration, and aptly titled; I feel the powerful surging quality. I also like the freedom you take with dissonance; this helps create the mood (tension). My only quibble is that my ears were wanting to hear a move away from the two-chord progression ostinato that forms the basis of this piece. But, as always, I liked it, and thought it very well done!
Clark Ross



Like a medieval dance

Open chords and the opening dual timing work well to set the interest right off. The woodwind/triangle dance wends its way so playfully - I like how you use enough repetition and still let the melody wander into all kinds of interesting places.

Cheers to the composer!

Doug Summers

The Orientalist

This is BEAUTIFUL - it has a very strong cinematic feel, beautifully conceived and orchestrated. Your orchestration is so clear and lush, with wonderful ups and downs in the action. GREAT WORK!


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