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Child of the West

Heres a sampling of some new music that Ive composed

which is on my most recent album called Child of the West.

I think youll find this album wonderful.

I believe it contains my best work and its now available on You wont be disappointed!

Some preview comments:

Child of the West


A delicate and natural touch, as always. Interesting to use occasional minor notes against the major ostinato. Thin orchestration is definitely appropriate here -- sounds good works very well just as is.
Your music impresses the heck out of me!

Clark Ross

Gift for an Assyrian King


I tried to find a place for the mood in this song but couldn't quite find the right backdrop until I read the comments, and I agree. I'd even go so far as to imagine a silent movie with this music - something about how each note is accentuated and pronounced. Nothing superfluous. It's quite amazing how you create a completely new mood and atmosphere with every new post. Wonderful!


Flight Over Baghdad

This could be absolutely a soundtrack for a movie. I can imagine how great it would be if we can hear it live with real instruments! Bec tells unbelieveably suitable stories on your music! Yes, it is more powerful with her words than it already is. Really nice one!  
Jason Wright

Lilly's Dance

Love this. So very visual. I can imagine the lovely Lily dancing amidst the greenery and flowers as if a personification of nature itself. I think the flutes were excellent and enjoyed the ambiance of the lead flute. It gives a hint of something eternal.

Stan Maglianni

Jamie's Gone

This has a great sense of motion, trees and wet streets whipping past, cherry tops flashing, and a sustained sense of drama. Very evocative piece,

Steve Craig


I love the chord progression you created for this piece especially. The left hand provides enough energy and carries the melodies. I could also hear the strings used to complement the piano with an additional melody line or just chords as a calm counterpart to the piano, like the soft voices you use during the intro. Beautiful work!
Ben Cohen


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