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Lost islands on an Imagined Sea

My first Album is a journey through an imaginary filmscape,
captivating classical/new age gems - sad, uplifting,

heroic, tender, taking you to times and lands

that will forever haunt your soul.

Comments about Lost Islands

We Welcome Him

Refreshing 1600's Style

This piece is very motivating. It feels like

an encore for a prince or king. It has the

old style common in the 1600's and early 1700's which is very refreshing to hear!”

Jeffrey Meyer

The Man From Cornish

Deserves a Live Performance

“This is one piece that truly deserves to have live instruments performing it. It is a nice piece.

Reminds me of Michael Nyman's "The Piano" soundtrack. It has a soundtrack-y feel to it.

There is a lot of drama I feel to this.

Julian Dwyer



“It sets a mood very effectively.

It's very beautiful, expansive

(I can imagine this music in an IMAX film,

panning over a vast expanse of land,

and shows good craft.

Excellent counterpoint.”

Clark Ross

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