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Songs from a Stone

This is the second album that I released containing all new original music and performances. Check out a few of the samples below. They too are for sale at CDBABY.COM and at iTunes were you can sample purchase and download any songs you like as well as the complete album.

Comments about Song from a Stone

Island of War

“Ahhh...a score which evokes some powerful imagery! A composer after my own heart!”

Rick Burkett

“Very Philip Glass-esque.I like how the ending of the song is very unexpected - it drives you and drives you and then you're left alone in the field.”

Jamison Tyler


“I like how this piece develops. It's as if you come over a mountain top, and the landscape unfolds itself before your eyes.”

Victor Eijhout

“It beautifully captures the essence of a prayer.”

Sandra West

I Will Find You

“A haunting and classic tune that once heard can’t ever be forgotten. Love to hear this sung.”

Joanne Palmer


“I see ragged, weary yet proud soldiers; a few on horseback, but most marching, coming up over a hill. Survivors, badly malled but not defeated. Your music vividly evokes this powerful can’t ever be forgotten. Love to hear this sung.”

P. Lawrence Edwards


“Pulsating rhythms with a strong plaintive

theme carried by the Sax.

Terrific piece for a modern dance.”

Jill Handroki

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